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What is Elevate?

Elevate is a cloud-based unified communicatons and collaboration platform. It enables users to be more mobile, more productive and share ideas and content through a single system.

Whether in the office or remote, Unite seamlessly integrates all your communication tools – desktop phones, mobile phones, and computers – into one manageable solution oriented around your employee’s needs and workstyles.

Highly reliable

The Elevate voice network is purpose-built for reliability
• East and West coast data centers provide redundancy and minimize latency
• Stringent prequalifica

Simplified scaling & management

Elevate scales according to the needs of any business

• Order service according to the number of users or resources needed today; pay
only for what is used
• Ordering addi.

Increased productivity and collaboration

Elevate makes a more productive workforce

  • Allows mobile devices to interact seamlessly with the corporate phone system
  • Anywhere, anytime, and on any device, creating a more flexible workforce
  • Transcribes voicemail messages to text and/or email, allowing for more efficient
    voicemail management.
  • Integrated chat, SMS, video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing and backup
    extends reach and facilitates increased collaboration.
Business continuity

Ensure that you never miss an important business call

  • The Elevate mobile app has full business phone functionality to be used in the event that desk phones become unavailable
  • Cloud based systems are immune to local outages. Elevate will try all user devices,
    then dial phone numbers like cell phones, hunt groups, or other auto attendants.
Lower cost

No hardware to buy, install, manage, upgrade or replace

  • Lower infrastructure and operating costs compared to trdional phone service
  • Reduces infrastructure and operating costs; no additional hardware to buy
  • Consolidates voice and data onto one network
  • Flat, per-user rates with unlimited domestic local & long distance calling.

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